Playster vs. Audible

July 13, 2017

I’ve been trying out the new Playster streaming service for a month free and have been cramming in as many audio books as possible, since they offer unlimited books, music, movies and games for the same price ($14.95 USD per month) as Audible (one book per month).

Unlike Audible, Playster does not have a player app for your device that allows you to stop and start your audio book and keep track of your spot in the “book”.  That one little detail is huge!!!  I have had so much trouble with the interface, it doesn’t even compare to Audible in ease. You know how it is….you’re out walking, got the earbuds in, listening to a great mystery. You come home, stop the book, take a shower, go back to listening while you cook dinner. When you go back to Audible, it’s a piece of cake. You click open the app and push play to get right back in exactly where you left off.   NOT WITH PLAYSTER!  Click open the app, you have to sign in every time(annoying) and literally start searching for the book every time.  THEN, after searching and finally finding it, you have to figure out yourself where you left off!!!  Even after selecting chapter 7, for example, sometimes it will start inexplicably at say, chapter 10. NOOOOOOOO!! That’s the very definition of a SPOILER –GEEZ…It’s frikkin’ frustrating as hell!

Multiply this process about a million times and you will be as ready to toss Playster to the curb as I am. If I hadn’t had the actual book, I would never know what chapter the audio version should be on. And usually you don’t have the real book, hence the beauty of audio.  They have a “My Audio Books” section that supposedly you can save your book to, but it must have a bug, because it doesn’t work. An obvious non-reader person designed the Playster audio book portion; that is the only reason I can come up with for such major inadequacies.

To sum it up: on Playster, yes, you do get unlimited books to listen to (they seem to have thousands of titles, I’ve listened to In a Dark, Dark Wood; Americanah; The Woman in Cabin 10) on Playster. Each book was excruciatingly painful to get through because of the unpredictable start and stop points.  In Playster, you do not own the audio books like you do with Audible. They live in the Playster app and you can revisit them as long as you are a monthly Playster member.  All the music is great and easy to use, similar to Spotify in graphics and interface.  I have not checked out the movies or games. But man, they have got to figure out the audiobooks. Hands down, Audible is a thousand times better for audiobooks, even if it costs more.

Have you tried Playster? Let me know your experience with it! Maybe I’m just too untechnified (made-up word) to figure it out.

Author: J e w e l s

Professional reader, amateur opinion giver, INFP (mediator personality✌️). Animal advocate, supporter of books and yarn, coffee and Portland. Unhealthy obsession with true crime. Twisty book and movie lovers are my tribe. And my fam is the best!

11 thoughts on “Playster vs. Audible”

  1. You just answered the question I had been asking. It sounds like Audible was when it was brand new — like 10 years or more ago — when I first started used it before it became part of Amazon. It has come a long way. What I don’t understand is why a new company didn’t put together a viable software interface BEFORE pushing the product. Without a good player, it’s dead in the water and they will lose their “new” users as fast as they got them. Seems kind of stupid.

    Thanks for the review!

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  2. I have both Playster and Audible. They are great for different things, if I dont want to waste my credit on a book, I can listen to it on Playster, that way I can listen to as many as I want. If Playster doesn’t have a book, I go to Audible. Its great having both. I can try all the books on Playster and if I love one and simply must have it I just buy it on Audible

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    1. Hello “ANONYMOUS”. Why in the world would I want to pay for two services? Especially when Playster purports to offer unlimited audiobooks per month? I WANT to use Playster, I’m pulling for them but so far they are not ready to compete with Audible on a logistics basis only.


  3. I love Audible! I tried Amazon Unlimited for a couple of months, but they just didn’t have the content I like, and when I cancelled my subscription they took all my books back. Playster sounds like that so I’m sticking with Audible. Every book I purchase, I back up on a flash drive so I won’t ever lose them.

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  4. I am a long time user of and I agree that the iPhone interface is much superior to Playster. It’s true that the stop and start points are not always easy for Playster. However, I don’t have to sign in each time … Playster keeps me logged in on my iPhone … but does not always ( sometimes it does ) put me back at the right start point. In order to mitigate that problem I use a lot of bookmarks. The obvious upside to Playster is the unlimited books you can read each month vs. one a month from audible ( that’s the plan I’m on ). I’m hoping Playster is successful and enhances it’s iPhone app to overcome the annoying issues but in the meantime I think it’s worth the subscription fee for those that listen to a many of books a month.

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    1. Hi Forrest, thanks for your valuable input! Since I wrote this post, I have discovered OVERDRIVE ! It’s free from my area libraries. The interface is very friendly to I-phone, works almost exactly like Audible! Only downside, sometimes the book you want is not available and you have to place a short hold on it. Just like a real library. But it’s super easy to get signed up- most libraries will create an e-library card to use online only. I have gone thru 15 books or so in the last month- also if you get a stinker- just move onto another. Did I mention its FREE?!?


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