Happy Monday


Ugh, I know. Mondays suck and we are waking up to a blistering hot forecast for the Pacific Northwest this week. We’re going to experience 3-4 days in a row over 100 degrees.  I grew up in Texas so I know temps like that aren’t a big deal. But, Texas is one big air conditioner in the summer. Everyone has A/C. Public buildings are kept very cool. It’s deadly not to have A/C in Texas.

A little different in Oregon. We generally have mild summer days and cool nights. Most people don’t have A/C at home and if stores and restaurants have A/C, it is not kept at a cold enough temp to beat 105 degree heat. Bless their hearts, Oregonians just don’t like to run air conditioners full blast.  So, when we have a heat wave like we are this week, we just hunker down, don’t move around, conserve energy and try not to melt. Perfect time to get lost in a book.



Author: J e w e l s

Professional reader, amateur opinion giver, INFP (mediator personality✌️). Animal advocate, supporter of books and yarn, coffee and Portland. Unhealthy obsession with true crime. Twisty book and movie lovers are my tribe. And my fam is the best!

7 thoughts on “Happy Monday”

    1. I’m in Northern Ireland and I’m dying when it gets near 20! Was in England in June and it was torture, I think it was about 22 degrees and I was like the Wicked Witch of the West!

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      1. Isn’t that about 40c? I would be dying! I am a redhead with green eyes and burn as quickly as I blink, it is awful. I have family in Malta but I can’t visit in the summer because it is so hot, we go around spring or autumn and even that time of the year is hotter than here…

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