• Single story podcast consisting of six episodes, all available now, where ever you get your podcasts!
  • A true story about seduction, deception, forgiveness, denial, and ultimately, survival. From Wondery and the L.A. Times. Reported and hosted by Christopher Goffard.

Hi guys, I have a quick recommendation!

You know I have an unhealthy fascination with true crime stories, but I don’t always love true crime podcasts. I’m annoyingly fussy about the way the narration is done and the way the story is written.

For some reason, so many true crime podcasts are either over the top dramatic and goofy or they are the complete opposite and come across as overly dry.

This particular podcast produced by the folks at Wondery is top of the line in every respect! There is a good chance you’ve already jumped on the bandwagon, because Dirty John has held the coveted number one spot on I-tunes all week.

These six episodes form one complete story of a successful business woman, Debra Newell, and her family and the nightmare they encountered in the form of a seriously deranged conman named John Meehan.


If you’re like me and listen to podcasts while you walk, this one will keep you walking 20 miles straight because you WILL NOT want to quit listening!!

C  H  I  L  L  I  N  G.

This is the most addictive story, written originally by the Los Angeles Times, and presented in an almost real-time investigative type manner.  The story is captivating, terrifying, heartbreaking, and ultimately, has an AMAZING TWISTED ENDING.

I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I found it more compelling than both of the Unknown-1SERIAL podcast seasons. Made up of interviews with the victims and family, it is the most fascinating story I have heard in a long time. I can’t quit talking about it. Or thinking about it. Please, listen to it.

Let me know what you think!


Author: J e w e l s

Professional reader, amateur opinion giver, INFP (mediator personality✌️). Animal advocate, supporter of books and yarn, coffee and Portland. Unhealthy obsession with true crime. Twisty book and movie lovers are my tribe. And my fam is the best!

27 thoughts on “DIRTY JOHN”

  1. Yaaaaaaasssss! I got a few of the girls in my office to listen to this after I was finished. It’s such a wild ride. I’m into a new one now, have you listened to Serial yet?

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      1. Yup! I look forward to following it closely. I was so back and forth with him, I’m still not sure what to think.

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      2. Agreed. After spending that much time on the case, he has to have some opinions but I feel like they might even be clouded bc they built some type of relationship talking all the time. Even with bias though, it still would have been interesting.

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      3. No I haven’t. I’m currently trying to catch up on Crime & Sports and also Small Town Murder. Lol I have such a long list of podcasts but I’ll add it to my future listen list.

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      4. Brace yourself. Lol they are crime podcasts but comedy. So it’s all real crimes, real facts but with humor put in. I know it sounds terrible, they’re assholes but their not scumbags so they don’t laugh at the expense of the victims or their families but do laugh at the criminal, the terrible police that mess up, etc.

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      5. Good good. Lol you have to have a sense of humor about these things. I would start with Small Town Murder first. It’s their second podcast but has better quality, when they started Crime in Sports they were newbies and you can tell when it comes to the quality. But once you fall in love with them, you appreciate the old ones. Lol

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      6. I saw that this morning and laughed at a friend of mine bc she’s from Florida and I’m always joking about how horrible of a place it is. Lol It’s on my list already.

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  2. I listened to Atlanta Monster like 2 weeks ago. I’m still undecided on him. He’s guilty of something. Maybe not killing all those kids but he’s not innocent at all.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah. He’s super comfortable and I think really like the attention. Even though he says he doesn’t appreciate the nickname, I believe he does. That’s what he’s always wanted to be in the entertainment business. He enjoys the limelight.

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      2. Yup and it was easy to catch him in lies that way. Speaking to him about stuff he had already said and asking him again only to get a different answer. Wild.


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