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Everything I know or think I know, I learned from books.  I got hooked on novels in the fourth grade when I started reading Stephen King’s THE SHINING under the covers at night with a flashlight. I couldn’t sleep for weeks— he sparked my imagination like nothing had ever before. (‘REDRUM’ was pure genius to my 10 yr old tender brain).

I still read in bed, my kindle runs hot and burns out my retinas every night. I appreciate deep thought provoking literary works (my English major pilot light is always lit), but my passion and joy truly comes from the thrill of reading a properly used literary device! Meaning, I love a mystery with a legitimate plot twist (plausible but totally unexpected), topped off with layers of foreshadowing. I adore unreliable narrators and narratives from different points of view. I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest TWISTER!  I promise to share all my finds with you!

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