Review Policy

Hi there! I’m thrilled that you would like me to read and review your book. But, my inbox is overflowing and I can’t possibly read everything that comes my way. Reading is a passionate hobby for me, so I’m really choosy in order to keep the passion alive.


  • Physical paper copies of books or ARCs only, no e-books.
  • I require a six week window to read, review and post/promote the book.
  • Genres preferred: mystery, suspense, domestic noir/psychological thriller, young adult, women’s fiction, literary fiction.
  • No non-fiction, erotica, fantasy, romance or Christian genres, please.
  • Sorry, no self-published books!


  • IF I accept and read the book, I will write an honest opinion of it. I’m naturally a positive person, so even if I didn’t like it, I usually can point out aspects of the book that other readers may enjoy.  I am extremely enthusiastic about books I love!
  • Once the review is written, I will post it on this blog. I also post on Twitter and Amazon. I will post the full review on GoodReads, where I am an active member with over 1000 followers. I will photograph the book in my unique “white” style brand and post that picture on Instagram and Pinterest. This is one reason I need the physical copy! All of the social media pics and posts will link your book to my review. I am an Amazon affiliate and will post the Amazon link to buy the book with the review.
  • If it is a DNF for me, I will let you know. I will still rate it on GoodReads with a short note, but not write a blog review.
  • Please contact me through the form below if you have a book that fits my requirements. Be sure to give me your timeline and a brief book synopsis.


Jewels xx


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